Dweck’s Brainology

Dweck’s claims in her article , brainology, that what students believe about their brains has a profound effort on their motivation, learning , and school achievement This claim could be strengthened by making a connection between age and mindset(elderly), looking at the advantages of having both a fixed and growth mindset, and seeing if parenting affects a child’s mindset.
Have a good hook in introduction (maybe do a quote from Dwecks’s article fixed and growth mindset) good examples on how her study can connect to the 3 main topics (last sentence) at least 2 examples for each topic.
for age group topic talk about how people in software (It) people learn new software , but the fixed mindset person doesn’t learn it because he thinks he;s good enough and world wont evolve into new software while the another person learns new software and they become more successful then fixed mindset.
you can talk about how the Elderly dont like changing their old habits as a fixed mindset