e-Marketing Plan for your client

e-Marketing Plan for your client

The assignment is to prepare an e-Marketing Plan for a client and this is the foundation document for this assignment.

Recall your option for this assignment:
1.    Develop a plan for a company that has a current online existence, but wants/needs some improvement to their digital presence
o    can be a company you work for;a site you would like to develop for a business owned by a relative/friend/colleague; or another company that requires improvement
Ultimately, the client that you select should have an ineffective online presence – either their current presence is deficient or the company has a presence that is inappropriate or not functioning at an optimal level.

•    Title page
•    Marking Criteria Sheet (available on Blackboard)
•    Executive Summary (1/2 page, 1.5 line spacing)
•    Table of contents
(None of the above is included in word count) (Appendicesfor support &will not be allocated marks)

For the main part of the report you will:
1.    Present an introduction to the report: The purpose of this section is to set the “context” for your plan and identify the current key problem(s)/issue(s) your company/ client faces. It should answer the question: Why is this plan needed? You commenced research for this section as part of Assignment One (e-Marketing Plan Proposal). But you will not present a complete situation analysis. Present only important, relevant information that highlights the problem. E.g.,:
a.    Provide an introduction to the company (i.e. internal environment).
E.g., Thismay include abrief description of the company, itskey marketing strategies and any importantstrengths and weaknesses relevant to this plan. Provide any explanatory notes if applicable (e.g., if you work for the companyor any other point you want the marker to know, mention it here)
b.    Identify the key problem(s) the company faces (and that subsequently justifies the need for this plan).
i.    Is there anything occurring in the external environment that necessitates an improved web presence?
E.g., If new competitors have entered the market and are posing a threat, discuss this (use theory relating to a competitor analysis). If there is a customer group that remains untapped and presents an opportunity online, then discuss this (use theory relating to a customer analysis). If there is something that has occurred in the industry or perhaps the macro-environment that presents an opportunity or threat, thereby prompting this plan, then discuss it. Don’t discuss everything in the external environment, just any major trend that has created a need for this plan.
ii.    What is wrong with the current online presence (or lack of)?
The company should have an ineffective online presence – either their currentpresence is deficient or the fact the company doesn’t have a presence is inappropriate (perhaps due to reasons discussed under point (i). This is where the web site audit is presented. Summarise important/relevant key points from your website audit to highlight the areas that you intend to address in the e-marketing plan (see the web site evaluation worksheet and lecture notes to help).Use the “PrintScreen” function on your keyboard to insert graphic depictions of relevant web pages from the site in order to demonstrate some of your findings (ensure you number and give them a title).
Think about the areas identified in the audit material and how they can guide you to do a better job (i.e. what would be most important in the site). What would you put forward as the areas that most need focus and why? Another way (or as a complement to the above) is to examine a significant competitor’s site and see what they are doing really well, based on the areas identified in the audit material, and what they are doing poorly, so this can inform your client’s site. Include screen shots of relevant web pages from the competitor’s site.
* Once you have identified the problem(s) in the introduction, you will then make recommendations for improvement (i.e. for goals and objectives, strategies etc.)

2.    Goal and Objective(s): Identify an overall goal and set ane-marketing objective(s) for the website (re)development, which will be achieved through your e-marketing plan.

3.    Target Marketing Strategy: Identify the intended target market(s) for the future site (be sure to use the theory relating to the bases and variables of segmentation to define their characteristics).  Identify the positioning strategy and online value proposition.
4.    Marketing Mix Strategies and Other Tactics: Select and discuss how topic areas covered, such as aspects of the e-marketing mix, relationship marketing and so on, can be combined to achieve your objectives for the website (re)development. Don’t forget to make recommendations for the web site “product”. Note that only relevant “Ps” need to be discussed in depth (i.e. if you are not recommending any changes to the “pricing” strategy, then simply state this).

5.    Monitoring and Evaluation: Develop a brief discussion of the monitoring requirements of the website after redevelopment or launch. Identify online metrics collection methods (discussed in the textbook) and any other research activities that will assist in measuring the performance of the redeveloped or new website.
6.    Budget: Develop a brief budget that covers the redevelopment of the website/ or the development of a site and support activities.  Resources will be posted online to assist with this task.  Ensure you prepare your ownbudget.

7.    Conclusion: Brief conclusion. This is also the place where you could add any other future recommendations if applicable.

•    You can also attach one extra (in addition to the website evaluation appendix), concise appendix (2 pages maximum) to demonstrate additional analysis that you would like to have considered in support of the work in the report. Ensure you discuss critical aspects of the appendix in the report if you want it examined.  As an example, you may decide to present a conceptual website map of your proposed site, or you could present images that give a sense of what your website will look like.

The plan should reflect a strategic focus with sound discussion, critical analysis, and strategic implications, demonstrating a depth of thought that could be anticipated from a professional e-marketing consultant. Identifying and applying appropriate e-marketing content covered in the unit to your e-marketing plan for an identifiable company is a demonstration of “transferability” of theoretical knowledge to a real world learning situation.


•    This report is to be prepared in a business-like manner that could be presented to the Management of the client company you have selected. The document should be in report format with a title page, an executive summary, a table of contents and suitable headings to guide readers logically through the sections of the plan.
•    Figures and Tables can be used where appropriate, but should be kept to a minimum.  These do not count in the word limit.
•    You must use 12 point font, ideally Times Roman, which is industry standard.
•    Please also use at least 1.5 line spacing and approximately 25mm margins.  This assists us when marking.
•    A reference list MUST be included, which corresponds to your in-text references (we do not mind which referencing style you use, but be consistent).  Please consult the referencing resources on Blackboard if necessary.
•    Note that research is expected beyond the textbook – use a range of high quality sources (Wikipedia is NOT a high quality source). Journals please.
•    You are expected to have proofread and edited the report carefully.
•    Please adhere to the word limit (2,000 words – plus or minus 10%).
•    Assignments should be either stapled in the top left-hand corner, or bound.
•    Ensure you include a copy of the marking criteria sheetwith your assignment, to assist us with marking and marks entry.

This assignment will be discussed in lectures and tutorials during the semester.  The marking criteria for this assessment is provided on our Blackboard site – please ensure you read through it when preparing your assignment.  Finally, please ensure you start this assignment EARLY.  You should aim to work through each section of the plan week-by-week as the content is discussed in lectures and tutorials.  Any questions you may have, please direct them to your tutor/ lecturer.  Good luck…