Ecological importance of Top Predators

Gray Wolves, Lions, Clouded Leopards, Florida Panthers, Sumatran Tigers, Amur Leopards, Bobcats, Ocelots, Cheetahs, Fossas, Jaguars, Servals, Snow Leopards, Cougars, etc., etc., etc. All of the above animals (and many others) are ecologically called Top Predators because they lie at the top of the food web in natural habitats. Are these top predator animals necessary on this planet? If some of these top predators even eat humans, would you think then that they all need to be killed so humans can survive? Why is it that most top predators of the world are in danger of extinction? Can a world without top predators do fine? So-called a Trophic Cascade, some scientists even state that the absence of top predators brings devastation to the vegetation of habitats. How come the absence of a flesh-eating top predator (which doesn’t eat plants) can have a negative effect on the vegetation of a habitat? Investigate about the ecological importance of Top Predators and write an essay about them.