Comprehensive Project an Class Presentation
Towards the end of the semester each student will be required to submit an
econometric project. The student must identify a problem, develop a regression model
to explain the problem, estimate the regression parameters and interpret the results in a
report between 8 – 12 pages.
During the 10th week of the semester, every student must make a presentation of their
proposed regression project. The presentation must be made using PowerPoint slides.
The student will explain the problem to be addressed, explain the model specification
and how the parameter estimates will be interpreted.
Writing Skills Assessment
Writing skills will be assessed throughout this course. Students are required to
respond to the questions that follow the problem by
a) Showing their work. The student must show how they have set the problem up in
order to solve it. If your response is not logically presented, you lose one point
for critical thinking.
b) Presenting their answer in writing. Answers must be written in complete
sentences and complete ideas.
ii) If the answer to the question is correct, you will receive points for critical thinking
and concept recognition. However, you lose points for inadequate writing skills.
For homework assignments and examinations, responses to questions must be written
properly. For example, a problem that requires a test of hypothesis must first state the
problem to be addressed and the appropriate hypothesis and its implications stated
explicitly. The results of the analysis must also be written in complete sentences