Economic Analysis

1. Using US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis website, under Interactive Tables, find the following data 2018 Quarter II.

a. Nominal GDP (actual number)
b. Personal Consumption Expenditure C (actual number and percentage share of GDP)
c. Gross Domestic Private Investment I (actual number and percentage share of GDP))
d. Government Expenditures G (actual number and percentage share of GDP)
e. Personal Income
f. Compensation of Employees
g. Other Incomes
h. Corporate Profits
i. Net factor Income
j. Gross National Product (seasonally adjusted)
k. Consumption of fixed capital (Depreciation)
l. Net National Product
m. Net exports of goods and services NX (actual number and percentage share of GDP)
n. Real GDP Chained dollars (A)(Q)
o. Implicit Price Deflator
p. Personal Consumption Expenditures by Major Type of Product Monthly

2. Using the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, under DATA TOOLS, find the following data for:

a. The latest CPI all items (1982-84 base)
b. The latest CPI less food and energy (1982-84 base)

3. Using the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website, under DATA TOOLS, labor force statistics, find the latest seasonally adjusted data for:

a. Civilian Population
b. Civilian Labor Force
c. Labor Participation Rate
d. Employment-population ratio
e. Number of Unemployed
f. Number of Employed
g. U3 Official Unemployment rate
h. Alternative measures of the unemployment rate: U4, U5, U6.

4. Go the International Monetary Fund (IMF) DataMapper and find the inflation rate for the following countries:

a. Australia
b. Japan
c. China,
d. Thailand
e. Vietnam
f. India
g. Turkey
h. Iran
i. Egypt
j. Kenya
k. South Africa
l. Zimbabwe
m. Nigeria
n. France
o. Germany
p. U.K.
q. Spain
r. Mexico
s. Brazil
t. Venezuela
u. Colombia
v. Chile
w. Peru
x. Argentina
y. Peru
z. Nicaragua