Economic Assessment

Economic Assessment
Business coursework of any company of my choice
Additional lectures “Introduction to business strategy, Alternative Theories of the firm” arerelated to the coursework.
(look at the business and their banking)

The CRITICAL APPRAISALof 2,000 words (minimum 1,800 and maximum 2,200 words) is to be written on one topic of choice out of two(or more) optional topics

Think about the company in which you would like to work and about the industry in which it operates, then usebusiness economics theory and relevant conceptstocritically analyse:

1.The market characteristics that typify the industry in which the respective company operates. Is the industry more likely to be characterised as closer to perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, monopsony etc.? Why?(30%).

2.The cost, profit and revenuetrendsfor thiscompanywith regard to how they are different orsimilar to the expected economics theory predictionsrelevant to therespective market type. Look at the past ten years(or a similar period of time)trends and compare them to what the trends would be theoretically. Please note that you don’t need to supply actual cost, profit or revenue figures, but ratherapply theoretical knowledge andcomment on the trendsfor the respective company. (30%)
Not going below 5 for the period of time.
Comparing in different countries how the monopoly changes from one country and another
No reference for economic theories

3.The prevalent business strategy of firms in the respective industry in the past ten years (or a similar period of time), with reference to:
3.1. the likely profit maximisation strategy for a typical firm in the respective industry, illustrated by a diagram (20%)
3.2. actionsthat either have already been taken or that could be taken in the future by potential market regulators in order to make the industrymorebeneficial to consumers (20%).
Creativity and to think about the industries:
Going back in the past and looking for the future.
The aim is for consumer (increase the inputs, increase the competition or reverse it).

Don’t attach tables such pricing or cash flows.
Appendix in the end or with the paragraph.
Use report format.

1. Answers are to be presented clearly and SEPARATELY. State the question number and question sub-part before each of your answers.
2. Please refer to the MIP for full details on writing guidelines and the marking scheme.