You are required to find a suitable curriculum document to identify and analyse the curriculum methods employed. You will design a unit of work based on the relevant curriculum document. You will also submit two detailed lesson plans from within your unit of work.

• Name the curriculum from which you are working
• Name the relevant syllabus from that curriculum
• Identify curriculum methods used in the curriculum document
• Analyse the methods employed in aligning this curriculum with the relevant syllabus.
• Describe briefly the material that has been covered in the chosen curriculum
• Analyse the methods that are employed in the document
• Suggest how these methods will be incorporated in to the unit of work.

Design a unit of work (6 lessons) that is aligned with your chosen curriculum and syllabus documents.

1. Design a template for your unit of work. You will need to thoroughly research the various options available and talk to language teachers to get advice.
2. Bear in mind that specified time for your unit of work is six (6) lessons
3. Choose a topic from the relevant syllabus
4. Think about how you will teach the topic while maintaining relevance for students and adhering to curriculum and syllabus guidelines
5. Select two texts in the target language that you could use to support students’ learning in this task. The texts may be written, spoken, visual or multi-modal (e.g. film, audio, books, comics, youtube videos, websites, apps etc).
6. Devise three activities for each text involving increasingly independent use of the target language appropriate to the stage selected and consider how you will prepare students to read/view/utilise the texts.
7. Ensure that you provide adequate links between past and future lessons within the topic, and have allowed for prior knowledge.