Education city

Professor explanations about the topic of the research:
We need to know the thought process and the evolution, in Qatar people are learning while doing and that’s why they make mistake and learn so we have to point on the mistakes in order to learn.
There is a lot of experience in the institution over the past 10 years we need to understand it, critique it, and analyze it. So we will talk about the team of Qatar foundation capital project to understand what they have learned from the process of developing the education city and how they evolved and we’re going to critique it.
We have to know the history and the evolution of the project in order to understand the problems, the process of learning resulted in the mistakes. Explore the process of the education city and the outcomes and how we will start new project based on what has been earned through the mistakes.

In the limitation: you talk about something that it’s important but you will not focus on it in the research.