Education Clinical Practice

Case Scenario
Irim is a 31-year-old nurse. She has suffered from knee pain in both legs for several years making it difficult for her to perform some of the everyday care activities in a busy paediatric ward where she works. Irim saw an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed osteoarthritis and advised her on two possible care pathways: (1) to lose some weight (Irim’s BMI was 31), or (2) to have a double knee replacement at some point in the future. Choosing to explore option 1 first, Irim returned to her general practitioner and primary health care nurse requesting a care plan.

explore health education from the perspective of a patient who has osteoarthritis and to identify the key elements of an educative care plan

Discuss the role of the nurse (or midwife) in preventative health care as outlined in the Registered Nurse standards for practice (2016) or National competency standards of the Midwife (2006).

Define health literacy and discuss the factors that can influence a person’s level of health literacy.
Outline how improved health literacy can positively affect the lives of people and sustainability of health care systems.