Educational psychology during training

After conducting the interview and analyzing the data, you will write a 2-3 page single-spaced (not including appendix), typed paper with the following sections: Interview Summary: A summary/review of all the questions asked and an integrated summary of the answers provided by the educator. Comparison with EDP601 Course Content: A comparison of the educator’s view to those of the theorists/writers chosen from course content; Discussion: A discussion of implications of the educator’s view on present and future educational practices and schooling goals. Also, compare the educator’s views to one additional research or theoretical perspective (with full APA reference included in the Appendix of the paper). This additional perspective may be from the same authors discussed in class, but it must be a new paper/source; Concluding Thoughts: A summary statement highlighting major points you learned from the interview and insights gained into the readings/resources explored in class and/or teaching practices. In other words, what would you want the reader to take away from this interview and reflection? Appendix: The appendix should include the list of interview questions and the source reference papers. The paper should follow APA style for format and references. To Writer from the module Interview Questions: Please provide and answer all additional questions The interview will center on 10 – 13 questions. I will provide 5 questions and you will write 5 – 8 additional questions. Required questions: What grade/subject do you teach or educational program you administer? How long have you been teaching and/or administering educational programs? Were you required to take a course in educational psychology during your training? Have you used the ideas of any theorists who wrote about educational psychology in your educational work? If so, what theorists and what ideas have been most useful? What do you think is the most important educational issue at the present time? Now add your own set of 5-8 questions. But answer all questions. I will provide the articles that you are to reference and interconnect information into paper. Please interconnect only the articles provided.