Educational view

Questions to choose are below

1. According to Peters (1966), education is intrinsically connected to what is worthwhile, it is ’ …an initiation into intrinsically worthwhile activities’(Peters cited by Marples 2010). With reference to your reading, how would you present and discuss the idea of flourishing? What is considered worthwhile? To what extent should education be promoting the flourishing of individuals?

2. To what extent are liberal aims and vocational aims in education compatible, if at all? Should educational aims be about preparing young people for the world of work? With reference to your reading, explain and analyse the arguments presented.

3. With reference to some of the arguments presented by Brighouse (2005) and Marples (2010) about the value of rationality and personal autonomy, discuss what is it to be a rationally autonomous person and why personal autonomy should be an educational aim

4. Almost all committed and concerned teachers would agree that it is important to deal with students equally. What is meant by the value of equality of opportunity? Based on your reading, consider the question of who you would reward among a group of ‘able’ nine year old pupils to go to an off-site enrichment course and justify your position .[See Winstanley, C (2010) In Bailey, R (ed) An Introduction to Philosophy of Education, London: Continuum pp119]