Effect of Iliac Vein Stenting of NIVLs on Venous Reflux Times


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This paper needs to be written like it will be submitted to a medical journal. I will upload 3 files for this. I will also upload 1 abstract and the paper has to be written based on that. The sources used should include the classical thinking of how iliac vein stenting helps in terms of venous reflux times and other ways it helps with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), this can go into the introduction. The discussion should be about 5 or so paragraphs, 1 discussing classic thinking methods on how stenting helps CVI, another going into how this may not be the case based of our research conclusion and comparing the results, try to find publications that talk about reflux times in iliac vein stenting/CVI and see if any had similar results to these, then another paragraph on limitations and another on the future of iliac vein stenting and how more research may be required to prove the exact mechanisms as to what is actually going on.