Effectiveness in the Business World

Task 1 a. Briefly describe the nature, background and history of business you have chosen from the list

b. In what ways could PESTEL be useful in helping the business to meet its objectives?
Task 2
a. In what ways is globalisation having an impact on your chosen business? Discuss two examples.

b. In what ways has technology helped your chosen business to operate effectively in the following areas: production of goods or logistics & communicating with clients.
Task 3 a. Briefly identify the targeted customers the business tailor to. Why is it important for a chosen business to understand its customers?

b. Briefly describe the workforce of your chosen company. How does the company treat the workforce and what is the impact of this on the success of the company?


Task 4

a.  What is the role of ethics in your chosen business? 

b. Describe how your chosen business is combating Carbon Emissions and reducing Co2.