Effectiveness of psychotherapies in managing depression in obese adults


Hello I have done with proposal for dissertation and I got the feedback from my supervisor I uploaded the the proposal with the feedback please look at it before start the dissertation also there is a file with the instruction. please consider that first analysis you should highlight the weakness of using BMI alone in determining obesity. It could be muscle not fat second Perhaps psychological distress or disorder would be more accurate. The term illness suggests a proven link to a biomedical link. You need to be sure that you want to frame mental health in an illness paradigm. Evidence is lacking in proving such, other than in alcohol related disorders and dementia. My concern would be that your argument relies on the association between obesity and low mood, behaviour leading to difficulties and not a biological consequences of over consumption of calories. third Please use Arial 11 finally the Number of sources more than 200 please coz we have 20,000 words and the similarity with each draft no more than 5% please I need first draft before 20 jun if there is any new comment I will send you a message.