Effects of Bankruptcy announcement on industry competitors (In the UK)

Full Dissertation required with at least 35 unique credible sources.
Quantitative study using secondary data only acquired from credible sources. Use Data from FAME or Bloomberg.

What effect does a company going into bankruptcy have on their competitors. Financial measures to use can be effect on share price (Similar to some papers that have been attached as sources. (Tian & Nasssimbwa, 2013) Paper is similar topic but for US companies, can use their methodology in UK context but writer’s choice here if a different financial performance indicator is chosen such as effects on profit for competitors as long as method is justified and credible data is available.

Outline needs to be:
Table of Contents
Literature Review (And theories?)
Findings and Analysis
Reference List (Harvard Style)
All figures and tables to be included in table of contents.

Please feel free to ask further questions and provide regular updates.