Effects of Light on the Rate of CO2 and Oxygen Production

It is a Photosynthesis and cellular Respiration Experinment. Spinach is put in a Biochamber which is covered with foil, poking the holes open. The chamber is completely covered so no light will energy Cover the bottom of the chamber with fresh turgid spinach leaves that have no stems.Keep the dark side facing up and avoid overlapping the leaves. Secure the lid on the chamber and carefully insert the sensors snuggly into the holes Wait 15 minutes for the sensors to calibrate Determine the gas rates for respiration
2nd Experinment to determine photosynthesis 1.Line the bottom of the Biochamber and insert the probes 2.Place the chamber into the center of the light and turn on the light 3.Wait 15 mins for the sensors to calibrate 4.click collect data will be collected for 15 minutes 5.Determine the gas rate for photosynthesis
Calculate the CO2 and 02 consumption or production rates for cellular respiration and photosynthesis( subtract the light data from dark data) Construct a bar graph that compares cellular respiration and photosynthesis rates for both gases.




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