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How does the non monetary reward affect employees’ performance in Princess Nourah university ?



the research will also focus on testing of the following hypotheses:

A/There exists a weighty connection between non-financial recompenses and
employees motivation

B/There is a substantial connection between non-nominal rewards and the emplyee’s satisfaction

C/The non-financial rewards play an inevitable role in the employee’s performance

3- Define your scope very clearly in this chapter, why you chose this subject (for the subject please add convincing reasons) and this university (the main reasons for choosing this university are
I can access to it because my friend works there as a faculty member and the another one is this university is the most famous university in my country and it is the largest university for women in
the world) the key issues and your findings, and outline the whole document structure for the reader.


4- Write a brief information about the university that I carried out my research on (princess Noura University ). I will give you brief information from the internet which is copy and paste but you
have to paraphrase it in your own words please and also include it in this chapter in a good and logical way. (just in 300 words)