EFFECTS OF STRESS INCHILDHOOD1The Effects of Stress in Children During Childhood

: EFFECTS OF STRESS INCHILDHOOD1The Effects of Stress in Children During Childhood

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This assignment is your final step in the process of completing your Article Critique Final Paper. This assignment is a culmination of your prior work. The body of
your paper should be 4–5 pages not including the title page and reference page.
The article critique paper should include the following components:
1) Title page in proper current APA-format
2) Body of the paper including the following:

Title of Your Paper
Introduction Introduce the work by stating the author, title, source, and date of the publication. Polish the summary from your proposal and include it along with your
thesis statement. The introduction must be a strong paragraph which includes your topic sentence/thesis statement and provides the reader with an understanding of what
your paper is about. Introduce your reader to any key terms within this paragraph.
Critical Summary
Identifying Information What is the purpose of the study?
What was the nature of the study (e.g., an experimental study, a case study, etc.)?
What is the hypothesis/research question?
Methods Is the research quantitative/qualitative?
Who are the participants?
What is the research method?
How were the participants chosen (sampling method)?
Was the sample adequate?
Could there be bias in the sample? Why or why not?
Are the research participants and research method feasible for this study?
How was the data collected?
What ethical guidelines were followed or not followed?
Interpretation of Findings How was the data analyzed?
What were the findings (Did the researcher find a correlation/cause)?
Do the researchers present the information in a clear and understandable format?
Did the researchers discuss the results of the study in relation to the original problem identified?
What limitations were present and did the researchers address the limitations?
How generalizable are the findings (can they be applied to other populations)?
Personal Reflection
Strengths/Weaknesses Discuss each of the strengths/weaknesses that you identified.
Be sure to provide evidence from the 3 additional articles that you chose to support your work.
Use proper current APA-formatted citations.
Usefulness of the Article Polish this from your proposal and provide a summary of your opinions about the article’s usefulness.
Is the article beneficial to the discipline?
Would you recommend it to others?
Did the authors achieve their purpose?
Was it well written and understandable (structure)?
What contribution does this study make to the advancement of knowledge, practice, or theory?
Related to Theories/Course Concepts Summarize how you feel that this article relates to some of the concepts you are learning in this course from your textbook
material or other childhood development theories.
Be sure to cite your sources in current APA.
Conclusion Summarize the study.
Make suggestions on how the study could be replicated and how the research might be taken further.
Consider one major thing that you have learned from this article and discuss why it could be important to you either personally or professionally.

3) Reference page in proper current APA-format
4) Writing Tips:
• Keep direct quotations to a minimum (this keeps the format simple and forces you to think and analyze). No more than 10% of your paper should be made of direct
quotations. You will still need to cite all sources, even when you paraphrase.
• Use formal language—no contractions or informal terms (“a lot,” “thing,” “hyper,” ”nowadays,” etc.).
• Use past tense to describe all research findings—the events have already happened.
• Match verbs with nouns and pronouns.
• Use first person ONLY in your personal reflection, not in the critical summary.
• Edit carefully for punctuation and grammatical constructions. You must be articulate in order to be influential and persuasive.
• This link is very beneficial to APA formatting: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
Be sure to review the Grading Rubric for this assignment.