Eisenhower′s Military Industrial Speech

Core Signature Ainipnment:
On Match 12.1947. President Derry Truman made a speech before the U. S. Congress-commonly Stuns the “Costal, meat Sptc0C-in w which lit asked that body to approve a policy that will (Nada mentally alter the rule of the t sited Still, in world ottani,. Congress approved. Some fora nee* yeses liter, oa January 17.1961. President Dwight D. Encabo.. eis -former five star general and commander of all the Allied forces Is Farop• daring World 11. ease a arms ell Address in w which he warned of some of the tompikatkris and tigers that had grown out of the policy permed since Iranian’s request in 1941; Mangan wi kb, he said, the salon ‘must guard against? Following the department guidelines below, w rite a com porno. and <ringer of t her tw n speeches. %Oa mast submit both a hard «did in class aid trokuid the sane scribal to Blackboard daring the last weds of dins. More detail-end more omits’ for the two speeches- in class.
Depa moat Guidelines: Prompt: Write )0011 paper hated on the prime’, mows hued 4 Agaree a -ram &wiry. ‘ doeasene d oh/ref pmhted dating the htuorkar perlod wader stuck Co’ dotu yor priteury_logcr.J.e tel ofponmteigtattsbolst the partiadot time andplace in which it wasaodirca.1” Saw ..kno•poms on the mat nithe axthor are evades in the caterer and how did thefirthositAltdtMetterafftinekenre the der inn he or vise modem oathortne thu mere of balmy’ Nippon sour anoksn with wet& endure froen the protean• solute’, wake examination.
Gosh of 11th Piter: The ponow of :hisassignment is to advance your ability to reason through a specific historical question and to express your idea in writing Thus. • ralll paw should hnol) intn.dtoce pner pope. ‘.5 topic re quection and provide a thou stotensem In a paper of this size, your introduction and thesis statement should appear on the rim page, in the paper’s first paragraph • Vow paper should show An you Innontd through the evidence in ofair.minded way. ln cats words you should sate (paraphrase) who yore evidence says and not what you with it said or thak it should say. You need to state the evidence fairly, even if you think It wrong or offensive. • low paper shoadd ase evidence to answer the laucricel question You need to explain how the evidence answers the quest:ea. The easiest way to figure this is to think through your evidence and argument using one or mom of the key concepts for are course. • Your pow sholdd Meth eipluen an implication or hmitalon glow analysis For an implication. you might consider how your analysis sheds light on one of the courses key tams. For a limitation. you might note with key concepts your analysis does not tor cannot) address. • lout paper shoadd developand organize .■na• thoughts drat and logically. Outlining is a necessary. but not required. step in writing • well-mganized paper. • roe roper shordd draw a conchalon(I that addresses the papa’s chief topic ce question end that dam year answer to the question or your contribution to the topic.
Format: • Submission to Blackboard Learn • Typewritten. doutile•tpmed • Length – 500 words minimum, 750 maximum • MLA
Academic lioness,’ • tee your sowers consistently. throughout your papa (good role of thumb. at lard one citation per paragraph, although introduaion aid conclusion may not require citation) Cite your source for any steam* or quotation that is not common knowledge. Place quotation marks rood phraseilamenees that represent the words or someone else list peeper pampIrming rather than poor paraphrasing to mod plagiarism.
See DUD Academic Ikafoty Policy Steinman! -It lawwstbabo rPSO3A 19.odrand UHD Laarary fC10.17C0 on plea:mien and how to avoid it in your academic week – hnoisilaramotelodurnrint contountenid-244614/tsid-2021127. The writing assignment will be warth 25 points, and will be submitted during the last week of class.