Election Forum

1: “What is the difference between morals and ethics anyway?” And why do you think Election repeatedly poses, but never answers, this question?

2: What do you think director Alexander Payne is attempting to say about human ambition / destiny v free will / or our democracy with this film?

3: Election originally had a happier ending – where Mr. McCallister ends up working at a car dealership when tracy Flick comes in to buy a car…They go for a test drive, Mr. M apologizes and Tracy asks him to sign her yearbook. It’s much sweeter ending and the test audiences hated it…Did they make the right choice? How would the original ending have altered the film’s message in your opinion?

4: Like Cassevetes did with Shadows, Alexander Payne cast several novice actors in roles. Did it work? Could you tell who were amateurs at the time?

5: Election is told from multiple narrators, and the film almost didn’t get made because of it’s “untraditional structure.” What thematic purpose does this narrative device with multiple voice overs serve?