Electronic health records

Electronic health records

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1:Electronic health records

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Discover that problems abound in healthcare that cannot be solved in a linear manner.

multi-dimensional aspect or multi-system aspect to “wicked” problem is electronic health records (EHRs). Consider the purpose of EHRs. The
purpose of the EHR was to reduce costs of storing files; increasing accessibility of files to government health agencies and insurance companies, thus shortening
reimbursement times; improving documentation legibility, thus improving patient safety; ease in exchanging health records when they needed to send to another
provider/location, etc.

Consider the other challenges beyond deciding what type of EHR will be used in various practices and agencies. What about the confidentiality of personal
and medical information?

What about the hardware and software that is required? Do they become obsolete in two years and need to be updated or replaced, and at what cost? What about training
personnel to use EHRs? Does it mean that healthcare providers may need to see fewer patients for 3-6 months until they get up to speed on using EHRs?

What are some of the other problems that you envision with the use of EHR? Some of those problems may come about just from trying to answer some of the questions
listed above.

2:760mph trains hyperloop

Research a future commuter travel technology, what about it and how it has changed the aviation industry.