Elements of Discrete Structures

  1. Term paper is 20% of your final grade.
  2. Conduct an extensive research on the selected topic.
  3. Give a brief background and explanation regarding the development of the selected topic or theorem.
  4. Break the topic into sub topics to simplify the explanation.
  5. Provide clear and comprehensive details in your own words. Keep the paper interesting with facts, diagrams, graphs, pictures, etc.
  6. Provide conclusion of the theorem or topic.
  7. Provide References.
  8. Papers must be single spaced and at least 5-7 pages not including a cover page and references page.
  9. Include a cover page and references page.
    Suggested Term paper Topics:
  10. Discuss Algorithms and logic in Discrete Computational area
  11. Algorithmical Graph Theory (or applications of)
  12. Set Theory and Functions (Be specific)
  13. Logic and Set theory (Be specific)
  14. Any topic in Logic and propositions
  15. Application of Discrete Structures in the Real World
  16. Application of Discrete Structures/Math as applied in other CS disciplines (for example: how do we apply DS in Computer Networks, or Artificial Intelligence, or Database, etc.)
  17. The 4-Color Theorem and examples
  18. Permutations and logic