Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Many important contributions have been made by women, people of color, and other under-represented groups who are not adequately recognized in present textbooks.  write 2 biographies, one of whom must be a person of color or from a country other than the United States or Western Europe. The woman may be a historical or currently living person. You must get approval for your choice from me.  choose a woman who has made a significant contribution or broken barriers for women in one of the following areas:

• Leadership in the political arena
• Leadership in business, industry, inventions, or entrepreneurship
• Activism to benefit others, the environment, animals, etc.
• Scholarly achievements in the fields of social or natural science, math/computer science, the fine arts (art, music, theater), the humanities, etc.. Do not choose women who are known primarily for their entertainment activities like acting, singing, dancing, etc.
• Women warriors or military leaders; explorers, adventurers, astronauts, athletes, etc.

Describe the person’s personal history, family background, and any historical, cultural, or sociological factors which influenced the development of the individual’ s goals, accomplishments, and work. Find images of the person’s country, family, homestead, etc. to illustrate the formative influences of the time and or culture she lived(s) in.

Describe the kinds of educational or training experiences the individual obtained. Be sure to note if opportunities for advancement were hampered by discriminatory practices of the time.