Employability skills

Employability skills

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written assignment should be in a reрort format and must reflect on the three main themes from the course as outlined below:

Know yourself
Critically appraise two of the theories from this module
How could you apply elements of these theories to your future career development?

Know your sector
Analyse a professional qualification you could acquire alongside your degree and explain the rationale for undertaking of this qualification to meet your career
Discuss how you plan to acquire these recognised professional standards and evaluate how they could add value to an employer and make you the preferred candidate in an

Let them know you
Identify a current job description and specification for a desired job in your sector. How does your CV and LinkedIn profile demonstrate the essential and desirable
skills required, and what this says to a potential employer.
Reflect on the interview process and how well you were able to apply the STAR method.
What have you learnt about yourself (throughout the whole module) and what aspects do you need to improve on for work readiness?