Employee & Customer Engagement.

Employee & Customer Engagement.


Here at Starbugs we pride ourselves on our exceeding global success. In previous years the company’s focus has been mainly on branding, making a name for ourselves,

and establishing a profitable and stable company. We have thus far exceeded these goals, making Starbugs the thriving company that it is today. We are aware that many

of you, as individuals, are very proactive in the community and donate to environmental causes. You have indicated your concern of the lack of social responsibility

initiative within Starbugs. Our specialized team have conducted extensive research in the role of social responsibility within corporations and have put together this

report to inform you of the positive and negative effects the incorporation of social responsibility will have within Starbugs.


Social Responsibility is becoming a main practice in many companies these days. Now more than ever we are finding new companies establishing themselves as Socialy

reposible Compagnies and older companies putting in place campagnes and programs geered towards social responsibility. For example, Bank of Montreal recently

introduced a diversity policy ensures that women represent at least a third of the bank’s independent board of directors, an equity and debt financing plan to the

renewable energy sector and a nationwide financial literacy program that aims to educate 45,000 students on personal finance over three years

(http://www.macleans.ca/canada-top-50-socially-responsible-corporations-2013/, 2013). Another example is the Kelloggs Company that pledged to provide more than half a

billion breakfasts globally by the end of 2016 as part of its Breakfasts for Better Days Hunger Relief Initiative. (http://www.macleans.ca/canada-top-50-socially-

responsible-corporations-2013/, 2013).But why now are companies and corporations determined to incorporate socially responsible practices?  This can’t surely just be

just for the philanthropic feeling they get out of it. As all these large corporation and mainly geered towards increasing profits. Here are some of the main benefits

of companies embracing social responsible practices: Innovation, Cost savings, Brand differentiation, Long-term thinking, Customer engagement and Employee engagement.


We have conducted research and defined the most significant benefits that taking on Social Responsibility would have on Starbugs and given examples of previous


Taking on social responsibility in the environmental aspect could potentially save Starbugs money down the road. Introducing sustainable practices not only have an

immense benefit for the environment, which has become a rising issue, but could potentially be seen as investment. An example of taking on environmental social

responsibility within starbugs could be as diverse as renewing our packaging methods to completely changing our sources of energy. A great example of a large company

that has taken great initiative in environmental social reasonsibility that will decrease future cost is Best Buy. In 2010 Best Buy partnered with ECOtality, a leader

in clean electric transportation and storage technologies, to install Blink electric-vehicle charging stations at select Best Buy stores. The company is also working

with Mitsubishi Motors and power company Eaton Corporation to support electric vehicle ownership (http://www.macleans.ca/canada-top-50-socially-responsible-

corporations-2013/, 2013). This could potentially make them money down the road as electric cars become more and more popular, they will have an advantage on the

competition being ahead of the Curve. Installing renewable energy is costly at the time but financially sustainable and example of this is IKEA which has purchased a

20-turbine wind farm in Southern Alberta which, when completed, is expected to produce almost triple the electricity consumed by IKEA across the country, enough to

power about 13,500 households. (http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_CA/about-the-ikea-group/people-and-planet/energy-and-resources/, 2013). It would be financially sustainable

to introduce ecologically friendly practices in Starbugs as the cost of energy rises.

Brand Differentiation

Our research conducted showed us that the population is becoming more and more socially aware of the global problems that we face. This is highly due to open lines of

communication via the internet through social networking sites. Many people now feel the need to contribute to try and help solve these problems but do not have the

means to. This leaves a great opportunity for brands, such as ourselves, to create the opportunity for individuals to take on social responsibilities through company

by buying our product. Many companies capitalize on their acts of social responsibility by creating and branding themselves as companies that take social initiative.

Creating a positive brand for your company has a positive correlation with the amount of customer. This is mainly demonstrated in campaigns. McDonnalds has created a

positive brand for themselves by their many charitable pograms like Ronalds Mcdonald House Charities.  This concept of branding a name based of social responsibility

plays into people emotions…

Employee & Customer Engagement

Negative Aspects



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