Employee Engagement: An in-depth examination of millennial employees






Persons born between 1982 and 2004 and commonly referred to as Millennials are currently largest generation in US history. Numbering about 92 million according to US Census Bureau, this group which even larger the baby boomers will soon make up the largest component of the workforce. Millennials differ from their predecessors in how they perceive the relationship between employer and employee, are the first digital natives, socially connected, encumbered with debt, and have many different priorities than their predecessors. For instance, unlike many of their predecessors Millennials tend to change jobs quite often which can be lead to hire costs as replacements are continually hired and trained.Explore why they job hop so much, compare and contrast the various strategies that can be used to retain them, aim to gauge and quantify the additional cost if any associated with having a large millennial employee in fortune 1000 Telecommunications Company in the southwest United States.