Employment Law

It is a hospitality-Employment law class research paper assignment formatting is: 1″ margins all around, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. No title page, no headers, extra spaces between paragraphs. 4 to 5 page paper. Please provide 3 or more sources. And source ciatation needs to be in seperate page. ALSO IN-Text-Citation needed in the paper. READ THIS BELOW SECTION FIRST AND write research paper including all of the questions below:
1.First,explain the difference between a “week’ and a “work-week” and a -day’ and “workday.” Then tell me, under Nevada law, when a workweek begins and ends and when a workday begins and ends. Finally, why is it important to know when a workweek and workday begins? 2.”Exempt” employees are not entitled to a minimum wage or overtime under federal and state law. First:in your own words: identify the three requirements that must be met for an employer to classify an employee as “exempt.” Then, do some research into “misclassification.’ Sometimes, employers misclassify intentionally and sometimes they do so mistakenly. Explain the common motive employers have when they misclassify intentionally and the common mistake employers make when they misclassify mistakenly. Finally, what penalties might an employer face for misclassification? 3.Many hospitality employees in Nevada receive tips as part of their compensation. First, in your own words, describe the difference between: 1) “tip crediting” and 2) “tip pooling.” Then, tell me if such actions are lawful in Nevada. Finally, do you agree with the law regarding tips in Nevada?