ENG 222 Assignment #2: Writing a Proposal

ENG 222 Assignment #2: Writing a Proposal

Assignment: Write a proposal for a research project that will constitute a major assignment in this course.A proposal is an offer to carry out research or to provide a product or service.Write a proposal in which you take on a problem at Alfaisal University and propose a solution. For this proposal, you are trying to improve Alfaisal University in some way—for the students, the faculty, the staff, or all of them.

For a list of viable topic ideas, refer to page 444, Exercise #3, in Technical Communication.

Purpose: Writing proposals is an essential skills for business people, engineers, scientists, and many others. For this assignment you will learn the basic outline of a proposal and how to write persuasively to ensure the maximum possibility that your proposal will be accepted. Your audience will be an administrator or administrative body at Alfaisal: whoever could take action to make your proposal a reality.

You may work individually or you may work with onepartner to write the proposal.

•    Your proposal should be around 2-3 pages long. Thus, you need to be efficient with your communication: include specific information, but still be concise.
•    You may write your proposal as either a memo or a letter.
•    The proposal must include the following sections:
o    Heading (memo style or letter style)
o    Purpose
o    Summary
o    Introduction
o    Proposed Tasks
o    Schedule
o    Budget
•    Optionally you may include these two sections as well, but it is not a requirement:
o    Experience
o    References
•    Your proposal should include enough relevant and specific information to be convincing. It should be well ordered and organized. Analyze the model of an excellent proposal shown on pages 426-442 in Technical Communication.
•    You may use a downloaded template for the format of your proposal, or you may create your own style. Regardless, your proposal should look professional and attractive.
•    Your topic should be a real-life problem that you see at Alfaisal. For the writing of the proposal, however, you may fill in (invent) any necessary and sufficient details for the situation that you see fit.
•    Refer to Chapter 16 in Technical Communication for other guidelines for writing effective proposals.

Grading: You will be graded on your ability to focus a topic, develop your ideas with effective support, organize your points into a coherent order, and argue persuasively for your proposal to be adopted. You will also be expected to use appropriate vocabulary and diction, as well as demonstrate control over English grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. The format must be professional and include all the necessary elements.

You will be graded according to a rubric, which will be provided before the essay is due. This assignment is worth 10% of your final course grade in ENG 222.

Due Dates: