Post comprises three asighnments

Determining the source of electricity for this area (Will it be imported from other regions or generated locally? Which is the most sustainable approach?) identifying
the source of fuel for heating and cooling (Will it be conventional or alternative or a combination? Will it be imported from other regions or found locally? What is
the most sustainable source?) assessing the climate/weather preparedness of the community (What severe weather can be expected and how can the community be designed to
minimize negative impacts? What type of climate exists here and how can the community design reflect that?) creating an emergency plan in the event of a natural or
human disaster (What facilities need to be included in the community? How should the residents/workers be prepared?)

2:Assess the Role of Culture in Language Development

identify and explain theoretical frameworks for language development in childhood.
Synthesize current research that examines language development for chidren,
especially those who are bi- or multi-Iingual.

identify the benefits of speaking more than one language for development in children.
Support your assignment with at least five scholarly resourm. In addition to these
specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles,
may be included.

3:Differential Diagnosis and Primary Care

Demogaphics: 11 month old, white male

CC: High Fever with rash

11 month old white boy without history of immunization that presents to
the office with mom, with do high fever of 104.1 rectally m4 hours, Iistlessness and
rash that started today to the abdomen and chest Mom states the rash is raised with
pink and red lesions and seems to be spreading. Mom reports patient has had little
response to OTC ibuprofen and Tylenol.

1 . Name three reasons why vacc’nation is important for children?

2. If this chid has meningocoml cisease what would the treatment hclude‘?