English Renaissance

The following post has three assignment namely;

1.English Renaissance

Write a paper describing theatrical developments from the English Renaissance in the following order: 1. historical/social overview of the time period. 2. status/function of theatre at the time.
3. Developments in performance style and direction. 4. A discussion of one theatre artist and their contributions to the development of theatre.

2.Similarities between American and French revolution

1) How are the American Revolution and French Revolution similar? How are they
The Cahiers de Do!Eames ofDourdan
at hno://www.historvituidc.oratintellectkahicrs.html#thir
2) Explain one tax-related grievance discussed by the Cahier. What can you conclude about
the French tax system based on this Cahier? What reforms were needed in this system?
Excerpts from What is the Third Estate
at htto://www.fordham.eduthalsall/mod/sievesittml
3) According to Sieyes, what functions does the Third Estate perform in France? What
functions do the first and second estates perform? What is the significance of the differences
among the three?

3.The Authentic Leader

Think of a leader you know and describe his or her qualities and what makes them an effective leader .Based on these qualities discuss your own leadership qualities and areas that you might like to
work on.