Ensuring healthy development for all youth within U.S.

A magazine or newspaper article intended for non-professionals (a specific publication or type of
publication must be identified)
The approach and format of the product you developed should be determined by what your product aims to
achieve and by the target audience (refer back to Part 1 of the assignment).
Product should address or incorporate in an integrative and coherent fashion the following:
cd A brief description of the Grand Challenge “Ensure healthy development for all youth” being addressed;
remember, the product is to be designed to raise awareness about the challenge, including the nature,
scope and implications of the challenge; the Grand Challenge must be highlighted in the project
1 Descriptive statistics or raw data, presented in a way that tells a story with the data, properly cited;
cd empirical evidence, properly cited;
1 A call to action, with clear action steps or directives.