After reading the Child Day Care Center business plan, evaluate this business plan by answering the question below. You will assume the role of a consultant, providing feedback on a business plan. Your task is to review the plan and write 1-2-page evaluation memo.
explained and supported each of your answer whenever possible. Make sure to use sources as
support, not instead of your opinion.
If the item consists of a YES/No answer, make sure to explain it in 1-5 sentences for each of the items.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan? :
  2. Is the client being realistic and is the business feasible? Is there a “real” need?
  3. Does the plan adequately describe the product/service? What else is needed?
  4. Does the business plan demonstrate there is sufficient demand for the product/service?
  5. Evaluate the management team? How solid is it?
  6. Are the projections (sales, financial, etc.) backed up with reliable data?
  7. What analysis of the market has the client conducted and what is the market share?
  8. What are the risks/challenges and opportunities associated with the business?
  9. Does it seem the entrepreneur can deal with challenges?
  10. Is it clear what is requested from investors? How much financing is requested and is it reasonable? Is it debt or equity?
  11. Do you recommend investing the requested amount? Primary reasons?