entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil

entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil

Research the details of any dimension.
In order to know what stuff will include in assignment, carefully read the instruction of assignment. It is important. Write an general overview and build connections with following sectors.
The chosen country is Brazil. The company is Natura, a cosmetic company.

INTL 711: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Development Group Project Section 102: DUE Week 12 – November 24, 2014 Value 15%
Overview: The purpose of your group assignment is to identify and analyze the environment for entrepreneurship and innovation in a chosen country and compare that environment with the Canadian entrepreneurship and innovation business environment.
1. Groups will be randomly selected during class. Each group will be formed with five to six members.
2. Members should agree on a country that they would like to research about and compare it with Canada. The research and the comparison will be focused on the cultural, economic, technological, institutional and social dimensions of that country. Below is a chart that can be used as an example. Each member should select a dimension that they would like to explore and as a group, identify a successful entrepreneurial company in the selected country and provide a summary of the company and the entrepreneur.
Dimension – Sector Selected Country Canada Evaluation Contribution of entrepreneurship to the economic development and innovation of the country The role of the society and cultural aspects of the entrepreneur (including religion and education ) The use of technology by the entrepreneur The role of the government and specific institutions in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation The internationalization of the entrepreneurial company Trends in entrepreneurial activities Statistical information on entrepreneurial activity (TEA)
3. Devise a plan between your group members as to how you plan to approach your country research; in other words, each member will be responsible for a particular share of the research and the comparison with the Canadian environment. An example would be: One member will research about government programs towards entrepreneurship, another member would be identifying a successful entrepreneurial company in the selected country, another member would be researching on the cultural aspect of entrepreneurship, and another member would be researching statistical information on entrepreneurial activity, etc..


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