Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Describe your business idea
What is the uniqueness of your idea?
Who is your target market?
State your value proposition
Who are our customers?
How will we reach these customers?
What is it that our customers want and how do we know this?
How does our business provide customer wants?

Describe two themes and how it relates to your proposed business venture
The themes are Opportunity creation, opportunity recognition and opportunity discovery
How did you come about your proposed business idea and what gap do you intend to fill?

How you developed your idea, step by step.
What is the operational plan?
Resources needed including staff?
Why you chose to develop, or propose to develop, your idea in the way that you’ve chosen,
In developing your business, you may want to answer the following questions:
Are you carrying out market research?
What is your marketing plan and marketing strategy?
what is your marketing mix?
Competitors analysis?
What is the financial plan? How much needed for start-up
How would you make profit in the business?
What is the breakeven point?