Environmental Influences Discussion


Dear writer Please address the following discussion question. For your reference my study proposal will be uploaded along with other discussions that have been previously used. Write discussion in APA format with proper citation. Please do not use books as reference. Discussion question: What are the limitations, or factors beyond your control, that may have a negative effect on your data collection plan? What are possible environmental influences you may encounter and what is your plan to manage these as they occur? Below are a few references provided by the professor for informational use: Dittmann, M. (2005, March). Striking a balance. gradPSYCH Magazine. Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/gradpsych/2005/03/cover-balance.aspx Martinez, E., Ordu, C., Della Sala, M. R., & McFarlane, A. (2013). Striving to obtain a school-work-life balance: The full-time doctoral student. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 8, 39-59. Retrieved from https://ijds.org/Volume8/IJDSv8p039-059Martinez0375.pdf Shuster, J. (2013). Environmental factors in qualitative research. Retrieved from https://www.visioncritical.com/environmental-factors-qualitative-research/ Watts, P., Phillips, G., Petticrew, M., Harden, A., & Renton, A. (2011). The influence of environmental factors on the generalisability of public health research evidence: Physical activity as a worked example. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 8(128). https://doi.org/10.1186/1479-5868-8-128