Environmental Influences on Offender Trends and Patterns

Library City officials have asked your department supervisor to provide information on
environmental influences on offender trends and patterns- Your supervisor has asked
you to create a video presentation on this topic to present to city officials at their
weekly meeting. The video presentation should include f our examples of
environmental influences and an assessment of how each one influences offender
trends and patterns
You can create the video presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or another video 5
application you are familiar with using- Narration must be included in the video
To create the video presentation, follow these steps:
Step 1: Research the topic. Include at least three reliable sources to support the main
message, including visuals/graphics- Include four or more visuals (e.g., photo, table,
diagram, chart, etc-)
Step 2: Create an outline for the presentation in Microsoft Word. The outline should
layout how the presentation will show each point you wish to make to the audience
and include speaker notes you will use for the narration- Write the speaker notes as if
you are presenting to a live audience- Include references to sources, including