Epidemiology – attributal fractions



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summarise and comment on two articles about attributable risk


Instructions: 1
1. Read the article: Greenland and Robins, Conceptual Problems in the definitions and
interpretation of Attributable fractions. American Joumal of Epidemiology 1998.
From this article summarise the conceptual problems of attributable risk and why
these are important.



2. Then read the article by Nancy Krieger 2017, Health Equity and the Fallacy of I
Treating Causes of Population Health as if they sum to 100%. AJPH. 107 (4) 541-
549 l
Summarise the key arguments Krieger uses to illustrate this fallacy.



3. Finally provide a reflection on how these readings relate to one another. have
influenced your perceptions on attributable risk and/or how they might influenced
your practice/research.