Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972

How did we as a nation form the ideology that we have currently regarding Equal Employment oppertunity. How important has this ideology of the EEOA been importan historically. Example, Why is equal emplyment oppertunity important in history and in our society today. Give a few statistics to show how many people have been impacted by the EEOA and a brief explination of this impact.. How was Equal Employment oppertunity issues hadled in the pass(history). This must include previous attempts in history by society to help eridicate employment discrimination issues. You must also include previos attempts in history by society to help eradicate employment dicrimination. State laws, pass policies or other historical interventions that either failed or only addressed part of the issue. How did the EEOA policy change over time? This should in clude majior amendments and the number of times that the EEOA has been reautorized since its inception. These are some historical milestones of the EEOA that need to also be addresed in this paper. Executive order 10925-JFK, 7 member bipartisan commission led to the immigration and nationalizatio act of 1965, coperate policy law from EEOC-not alowing women to be fired for marriage, newport news ship building (NNS) on dock 1966, Griggs v. Duke power Co-lawsuit and implications and Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corp. Please make sure all information is cited and wording flows and is clear for the reader