Equal Pay

Equal Pay
An article in the Los Angeles Times on October 7, 2015, titled “Equal pay for women gets a boost” written by Patrick McGreevy and Chris Megerian explains that a “[n]ew state law offers stronger protections, but some see a reason for businesses to flee” (A1).


By utilizing your timed writing, the reading by Rustigan, your own experience and observations, write a focused and well-developed essay in which you:

Summarize the above mentioned article.

Explain how pay differences affect women. (You may use examples from your home country, if you wish.)
Criteria for Evaluation

A well-constructed thesis that is clear and purposeful

Coherent topic sentences in each paragraph that clearly support the thesis

Focused and organized essay structure (thesis, topic sentences, etc.)

Unified and well-developed paragraphs throughout

Specific and detailed support and evidence for your arguments

Relevant support for your arguments from the McGreevy and Megerian reading (MLA style format) 1 quote or paraphrase from the above-mentioned article.

Thorough and logical analysis of your ideas

Coherence within paragraphs and between paragraphs (see textbook)

Sentence variety and appropriate diction (NO contractions)

Clear sentences edited for grammar and sentence structure problems

Paper Format

All take-home essays must be formatted according to MLA style (see textbook for guidelines and models). Always provide 1” margins at the top, bottom and sides, and use a 12-point font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Don’t forget to add page numbers and your last name.


All students must submit at