Hi mate Please find the attached files. Please remember I live in Darwin, Australia so, please write everything in Australian perspective. Please include the references which I have attached. Please use the website links to collect information. Regards

Task: This essay is in three parts:
i) Critically analyse the theoretical and ideological underpinnings of the policy approach taken by the Australian Government in relation to one area of social responsibility. (1500 words)
ii) Develop a framework that would support the various points of intervention available to a human services worker for influencing the outcomes for the specific target group. (500 words including framework table)
iii) Identify the theoretical underpinnings of your approach to influencing social policy as this relates to your profession and outcomes for disadvantaged populations.(1000 words)
Presentation: The document will be typed in a word document, 12 pt. Font , 1½ or Double spacing
Assessment criteria: • Critical understanding of one area of social policy
• Demonstrated understanding of theoretical and ideological basis of the policy approach
• Rationale for human services workers to influence social policy (eg AASW, ACWA)
• Adherence to academic conventions of writing (eg referencing; writing style). At least 8 references