Critically review the integration of advanced molecular and immunological techniques to understand the pathophysiological mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatments of HIV.
Details of Essay Assignment:
The emergence or re-emergence of infectious diseases and the continuous development of resistance to current chemotherapeutic agents are major concerns for diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to utilise advanced techniques to understand the mechanisms involved in disease progression, rapid diagnosis, and the development of novel therapies.
You will need to research extensively and critically review recent literature on the use of advanced modern technologies to study HIV.
You will need to provide brief background information about HIV and its relevance to human health. You will then discuss the pathophysiology behind these conditions with particular emphasis on the virulence factors and interaction with the host. You should include details of animal models to study the mechanisms of disease. Evaluate how advanced techniques can be utilised in diagnosis, treatment, novel therapeutic approaches, and vaccine development.
– Late or non-submission results in a mark of ZERO
– Plagiarism including self-plagiarism and cheating taken seriously
– Referencing (MINIMUM 30 REFERENCES)