Establishing My Philosophy of Adult Education




Adress the following questions- (The competencies you will be fulfilling ae

1- Reflect on what you learned through this master‘s program and other studies about
how adults lean and how you may be able to help them to enhance their leaning-
Refer to the adult leaning theories, principles, and best practices that have meant the
most to you- (Competency 6)

2- Describe you personal philosophy and how it relates to you role as a facilitator of
leaning for adults, as you see it- (Competency 5)

3. Integrate what the experts in this field propose with you own experiences about
how adults lean- (Competency 3)

4- Develop a brief description of the product you will create for you capstone project-
(Competency 1)

5- Determine what leaners in a chosen field, community, or workplace need to know
that can be met via you proposed workshop, semina, or couse- (Competency 1)

6- Describe how the proposed program will be used for the intended audience in an
adult education setting- (Competency 2)

7- Justify the importance of the product to meet a need in adult education-
(Oompetencv 7)