ethanol effect on kidney

ethanol effect on kidney

Project description
For this project, students will read
and critically analyze the primary scientific literature to construct the pharmacological and toxicological
profile of ethanol using principles presented in the course in a review-style article. Moreover, students
will design and create a professional pamphlet and video to help educate the general public about the
pharmacological and toxicological effects of ethanol.
Students will be required to use the primary scientific literature to compile
the dose-response profile, sites of action, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, sex-linked differences
in response, mechanisms of toxic response, and target organ toxicity of ethanol in humans and
common animal models, and relate the data to the socioeconomic consequences of ethanol on society.

This information will be used by students to write a group comprehensive review-style article detailing
this information. This assignment will be worth 100 points assigned according to: 1) the organization
and accuracy of the presented material, 2) the quality and effectiveness of the writing, and 3) individual
contributions to the project.

This review style article must be single-spaced, typed in 12-point Ariel justified Font, and contain the
At least 5.0 full written pages (excluding figures) for each student participating in the final project.
Students may not duplicate content between them in any fashion.
Five unique references per student from the primary scientific literature or Federal Government
Agencies (no textbooks or websites).
References Cited section containing the full bibliographic information for all sources used to compile
the review article. All sources from Federal Agencies not listed on PubMed must be approved by the
instructor. References should be numbered and cited within the text, parenthetically, in the order in
which they appear in the paper.
Students should take care not to plagiarize content in any form or fashion. It is the groups responsibility
to edit the content being submitted to the instructor for plagiarism. If upon submission of the final project
one or more people have been found to plagiarize


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