Ethical Behavior:Walmart As An Employer

While Wal-Mart may employ a number of individuals (e.g., 2.1 million worldwide), throughout the years, the company received negative attention in terms of their business model and practices. Not only has Wal-Mart been accused of treating employees poorly, but they have also been the target of discrimination scandals. Begin by referring to the article in the resources for this week concerning Wal-Mart. Then, conduct a review of relevant research regarding Wal-Mart and its practices. In your paper, after thoroughly researching the Wal-Mart Corporation, address the following:

Briefly summarize WalMart’s mission, vision, and values.
Evaluate WalMart’s actions (e.g., unethical behaviors).
Elaborate on whether the actions by WalMart are illegal. Justify your rationale.
Determine how WalMart can improve its corporate culture and leadership. Then, suggest steps for improvement that could be taken to improve WalMart’s culture.

In addition to conducting your own research regarding WalMart, you may find it advantageous, when developing your assignment, to watch the videos included in this week’s resources.