Ethical climate of an organization

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Ethical climate of an organization

Why is the ethical climate of an organization important? What biases can impact our moral decision making?
Provide an example of an ethical dilemma that an organization (or your own organization) has faced that you
feel could have been handled differently. What ethical/moral principles should have been considered?

2.Range extension for Maje

Study a possible range extension that will first critically review their present range and compare it with the one of their competitors, using a perceptual map to position the brand in the market then identify a possible range extension based on the analysis of trends and of the possible gaps/segments of the market that could be invested by the brand.

3.Mary Seacole programme

Demonstrate how you have applied your leadership learning in practice to develop one of the following:

•Increasing the engagement/motivation/climate of your team or wider staff group
•Improving patient experience
•Improving services within your area of work