Ethical Dilemma

Research a company in the news for an ethical dilemma. A site you may find helpful for locating a company is; there are others. In addition to your text and required readings, for more on ethical dilemmas, review the following videos.

In a 10– 12 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes:
Title slide with your name, course, date, school, title of presentation
Agenda slide – This lists the key points covered in the PPT
Content slides containing bullet points information AND illustrations, diagrams, pictures, graphics etc., as appropriate to the slide’s content
Speaker’s notes for each slide – either in text presented in the Speaker Notes section at the bottom of the slide or by Audio through your Voice speaking using the audio narrative feature of the PPT program.
Identify clearly the ethical dilemma of the company you have selected. There should be only ONE ethical dilemma identified and discussed.
Identify and define at least one ethical framework that the company’s executives appear to have used in making their decision. Note — Not “should have used.” It is not acceptable just to say they did not act ethically or did not use a framework. Analyze it and demonstrate critical thinking.
Identify and define at least one ethical framework that the company executives should have used and explain how that framework could have applied for the company to have reached a better result than actually happened. Be clear.
Recommendation: Identify and explain measures the company should implement to avoid the type of problem in the future.
As part of your recommendation, explain what can business leadership in any company can learn from this situation.