Ethical Leadership: Vision

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Ethical Leadership: Vision

Address the following in Understanding the importance of having a vision of schooling/learning and in developing a vision.

1. Ethical Foundations
2. Major Learning Goals
3. Leadership Dispositions
4. Organizational Characteristics
5. Curricular Priorities
6. Instructional Priorities
7. Assessment Priorities
8. Diversity
9. Home-School Relations

2.Research methods and tools

Research methods and tools are crucial for a researcher who is undertaking a study on particular subjects or aspects. The study of the social media and its impact on the consumer behavior for
instance utilize various research tools and methods to establish the relatedness of various aspects of social media with the marketing. Research can be undertaken utilizing both primary and
secondary data sources. For the purpose of this study, the secondary data will be utilized as the prime source. Various aspects of secondary data will be analyzed before taking into consideration
the best secondary data option to be used as the source of data

The study is crucial in identifying the appropriate secondary data source to be utilized in the study on the impact of social media as a marketing tool. The following research questions guides the
overall study process and identify the most appropriately utilized methods.
1. What are some of the secondary data sources utilized in this research?
2. What informed on the choice made on the type of data source chosen?
3. What research design is to be adopted in the overall research process?
4. Which are some of the data scale utilized in the data analysis