Ethical principles in business


About this Assignment
In business decisions involving ethical dilemmas the choices may be clear, yet on many occasions managers struggle to determine the correct course of action. As you learned in this course, there are many theories that guide ethical choices, and decisions can be defended from more than one perspective. It is critical for leaders in organizations to be able to weigh both sides of an ethical dilemma to ensure that they are making choices grounded in the values of the organization. In a 750 – 1000 word point/counterpoint paper (excluding cover and reference pages), analyze either of the two case studies presented.
Essay Prompts
Many decisions made by organizations today have multiple facets, meaning there can be many sides to the situation, and while some organizations have written concrete ethical operating principles, decisions may still have options for what is considered right and wrong. Is what is in the best interest of the company in the best interest of society? Does shareholder interest outweigh stakeholder interest….or are they the same? For this assignment, you will conduct research and present both sides of the issue in a point/counterpoint format to demonstrate that both sides of some ethical issues can be defended based on ethical theories or principles.
Case Study- Off Shoring
Deana is the Operations Manager for Mergeron, a clothing manufacturer with 200 employees based in a small town in the United States. Mergeron is known for its organic cotton clothing and has close ties with many local farm operations that produce cotton for the textile operation. While sales are up, the cost of cotton and labor in the U.S. have risen and Mergeron profits are declining. Deana has learned of a location in China that is known for its skilled labor in clothing production that offers a much lower cost alternative for labor. However, Deana cannot be assured that the cotton available in China is organically grown. She stops to think about the local farmers and employees in this small town…..but Mergeron needs to make a profit.
1. Select and apply an ethical principle/theory that Deana could use to justify off-shoring in Mergeron’s case
2. Provide a counter-point argument, using a different ethical principle/theory to help Deana make a case for continuing production in the United States. Make a solid case for both choices based upon the principles, demonstrating how the theory/principle would be applied.
3. Once you have completed the point/counter-point, determine which ethical theory or principle is the best ethical choice. Defend your answer with supporting evidence, relevance of understanding your personal values framework, and sound logic.