Ethical theories: Utilitarianism & Feminist Ethics

1- Women should be allowed to abort a child only under certain circumstances
o Rape victims forced to having their rapist baby 

o Severe complication with pregnancy

2- Opposing view : Its morally wrong to take a life

  1. Decide on a position that you will take regarding the identified issue.
  2. State if you personally agree or disagree with the practice identified based on a
    reflection of your personal values.
  3. Introduction Paragraph that engages the reader’s attention, identifies your thesis statement, and gives a brief overview of what the essay will cover.
  4. Identify how 2 different ethical theories would view the ethical dilemma
  5. Identify how 2 or more Bioethical Principles are conflicted in this ethical dilemma.
  6. Identify relevant nursing standards or codes (CNO)
  7. Identify legal considerations (RHPA, Nursing Act, Criminal Code, Human Rights, etc.)
  8. Conclusion Paragraph that provides a summary of the most salient points.