In looking at psychological research, one area that is expanding at a rapid rate is neuroscience. The discoveries made in this field have the potential to impact lives in many different ways. As these discoveries are being made, they have opened up a whole new field of neuroethics. This field is concerned with determining what may or may not be ethical for neuroscientists to examine.

Read Farah’s (2005) discussion of neuroethics, Neuroethics: The Practical and the Philosophical. After reading the article, pick one issue in neuroethics (e.g., brain privacy, use of neuroscience in marketing, using cognitive enhancers) and examine how ethical the research in this area is based on what you have learned about ethics. summarize some research that has been done in this area to illustrate whether or not it is ethical, and also mention future ethical considerations that should be taken into account for this area.